Spring Clean your fridge

With summer on its way there are a couple of little spring cleaning tips you may wish to perform.

The first tip realy relates to newer model fridges but may also be adapted to older models. New fridges have their condensers mounted either inside the walls of the fridge or underneath so they can be mounted flush in cupboards. With the condensor(like a car radiator) mounted close to the floor it collects dust over the year. You will need to remove the grill at the bottom front of your fridge. This is often clipped on or held in place with a couple of screws. Look under and you should see any dust that has collected on the fins. It is advisable to turn the fridge off before you place any Vacumn cleaner nozzles or brushes underneath. The dust can collect and form a sort of blanket. ” Can you imagine how far your car would go in summer with a blanket over its radiator.”

Clear as much dust as possible. This will allow good airflow to the compressor and heat to escape from the system. All in all you will have a fridge that will run less, last longer and reduce your electricity bill!

P.S. remember to switch your fridge back on. :)