Property Managers

Real Estate and Private property managers are most welcome to use our services.

We currently are the preferred appliance repairer for numerous prominent Real Estate companies throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area and the Fleurieu Peninsula.

We can contact the tenant on your behalf to arrange a suitable time and if required report back whilst at the job to advise of problem and associate costs.  We are happy to receive work orders via email

It is important to us to get a non working appliance up and running for a tenant at the first service call.   This is why we ask for the Property Manager to provide us with:

  1. Tenant Name & contact details
  2. Property Address
  3. Landlord Name & contact details
  4. Appliance Type
  5. Appliance Brand
  6. As Detailed A Fault description As Possible

What Appliance First Aid can do you for you:

  1. Contact the landlord whilst on the job
  2. Adhere to quotation limits for repairs
  3. Source parts at the best possible price
  4. Provide a written quote upon request (with the exception of appliances over 7 years)
  5. Invoice the landlord with a 15 day account
  6. Advise if repair is not viable to carry out
  7. Quote for replacement if required

Please see our testimonials from valued property managers and customers