Q. My dishwasher won’t drain


There are three common causes of dishwasher drainage faults. I will run through them in order or their commoness.

Many of my customers will look at me sideways when I sit there and stare blankly at their dishwasher door. Trust me I can diognose a dishwasher drainage fault by pressing START and listening the the sounds for a few seconds. You can too!

When a dishwasher is started from the begining of the cycle, the first thing it will do is pump and remove any stale water. This is where you tell what is the issue.

1. Does the pump sound like it is working normally? Plenty of constant noise without clacking and chattering? NO, go to the next step, YES then the fault will more than likely be under the sink at the drain spiggot.(where the hose connects to the sink) or there maybe a kink. When you remove the hose from the spiggot check inside the spiggot. Most items such as nuts and ring pulls stop here and restict the drainage.

2. Does the pump sound chattery or like it is having trouble turning. Also you maybe able to hear a hum if you put your ear to the door. This indicates there is somthing stuck in the pump abstructing the movement of the impellor. Somthing like Glass, China or even rubber bands from food will cause this.

This problem generaly requires a technician unless you are willing to pull the machine down.

3. The third and most unlikely is there is an electrical or wiring fault. If no noise is heard during the pump stage it maybe possable that the machine has a fault with either wiring to the pump or an open circuit inside the pump. This should be left to a technician.

70% of dishwasher faults can be diagnosed by sound! When the dishwasher first starts, it pumps any leftover water from the last cycle into the drain. When this happens, the machine should make an obvious humming noise. if there is a normal humming than the pump is working but there is a restriction. If the humming is absent, broken or crunchy then there is more than likely an obstruction in the pump.

When there is an obstruction in the pump generally it requires a technician to gain access by removing panels.

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