Can you recommend a new appliance?

As we repair all brands of appliances we find out the common faults/issues, cost and availability of parts and receive feedback from customers first hand, therefore we have a very good idea on which appliances you should or shouldn’t look to buy and where to currently get the best deal.


  • Stick with brands you have heard of
  • Are there  dedicated service technicians
  • Can you operate the machine easily
  • Does it have a high energy or water rating
  • Sometimes scratch and dent will save big bucks
  • Both LG and Electrolux both have spare parts stores in Adelaide


  • “How do you pronounce the name to that appliance?”
  • “it’s Made where?”
  • Too many functions . “who needs 13 different ways to wash clothes”
  • Sales person isn’t sure who provides the warranty service
  • Poor star ratings
  • Asko and Miele have now moved their spare parts interstate

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